Friday, May 2, 2014

Back from the Abyss

I can't believe it's been nearly two years since I last posted. I can say that my sex life is more intense, passionate, sexy and powerful than ever before and I can guarantee there were be so very many hot posts to come.

But first the necessary update... I am no longer with j. Our split had nothing at all to do with D/s and we were and remain very amicable. I have a new partner in my life, and he brings me happiness both as a man and a submissive. No need to go into unnecessary (and definitely not sexy) break up stories, but suffice it to say we are both much happier now.

Just a teaser of what will be coming over the next few days: posts about intense forced feminization, sissification and sissy play... golden showers... finding ways to incorporate D/s activities into daily vanilla life... and extreme (and I mean EXTREME) humiliation.

I cannot wait to share these great posts with you!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Introducing a Foot Fetish to the Vanilla Wife

I recently received a message from a reader who asked how he might share his foot fetish with his wife. Although in my mind this seems easy and something that many women would embrace, I am sure that when introduced the wrong way some women would be appalled and turned off.

First, what NOT to do. Do not just tell your wife you have a foot fetish! Don't get me wrong- I do think people should be open and honest about their sexuality however just as with D/s, many people have preconceived notions of certain things. Instead, introduce it to her slowly.

Begin by conquering any objections she may have. Some women are self-conscious of their feet. Face it- women's feet take a lot of abuse! From high-heeled shoes to open-toed sandals - women do not buy shoes with comfort in mind. A good beginning would be to send her to the spa for a manicure and pedicure. She (and her feet) will be pampered. 

Now the fun begins! Of course you will want to check out her new manicure and pedicure. Compliment both her hands and her feet. Then, when curled up on the sofa, rub her feet gently. This really should not be a sexual activity but more a sensual, loving time. She should not feel that you are aroused by this but rather that you are contributing to her pleasure. I enjoy having my feet massaged with lotion. The Body Shop carries some great peppermint lotion just for feet. Begin making this part of your routine. 

Now that she is becoming more comfortable with you touching her feet, introduce it in a more intimate setting. Kiss your wife from head to toe. Start by giving her kisses on her forehead then work your way down her face, slowly down her body and down her legs. This should be an act of love and appreciation. Although the end result will likely be sexual, this is more an act of devotion and sensuality. Most women will slowly become aroused in the process and by the time you reach her feet she will likely be more willing to accept your kisses there. But no sucking her toes... yet. 

Gradually make her feet more a part of your day to day life with her as well as your intimate time. Make the effort to learn about how to give a great foot massage. Send her for pedicures regularly (or, even better, learn to do them yourself). 

Now relax, continue to worship your wife's feet and let her take the reigns. She may enjoy your foot fetish just as much as you do! 

From my experience, it took me a while to eroticize my feet. I have always appreciated pedicures and foot massages but one night, when j was rubbing my feet, it just felt so erotic. Partly it was because he hit this certain spot on the sole of my foot that feel so incredibly arousing! Now it is great foreplay. Now I enjoy having my feet kissed, licked, sucked. I use them to tease j, to play with his cock under the table in restaurants. In fact, my feet are one of the sexiest parts of my body. (In fact, it is fitting that as I have been writing this post j has been giving me a pedicure). 

Best of luck as you explore this with your wife! 

Monday, April 30, 2012

D/s At 30,000 Feet

Yesterday we were on a rather long flight from overseas when my mind began to drift into the realm of D/s. Despite j and I both discussing our desire to resume play, we had yet to do much more than talk. The talk had been enough to keep my mind racing and the fantasies flowing freely. As we sat snuggled up close on the airplane, I decided I wanted to take action.

I instructed j to take out his blanket and lay it over his lap and open his tray table. Knowing that the view of the movement on his lap was now obstructed, I reached over and began to stroke his cock. Within seconds he was aroused and doing his best not to move. I pulled him over to me and gave him a soft kiss, then leaned over and whispered in his ear telling him how much I miss my subby hubby.

After ensuring that he was both aroused and a bit embarrassed by his state, I pulled out my iPad and opened the Notes app. I typed messages to j and then passed him the iPad so he could type his responses. Back and forth we 'discussed' our feelings, concerns, desires. As we did, I casually stroked him off and on, just enough to keep him hard and wanting my touch.

My final message to him: "If you want to be my sub, go in the bathroom and bring yourself to the edge three times. No cumming!"

I watched the door of the bathroom on the airplane. I wanted my eyes to be locked on him as he came out. When he returned to the seat I could tell he was moderately embarrassed and thoroughly aroused. For the remainder of the flight I teased him. I leaned over and whispered to him how I wanted his face between my legs or stroked him and, just as his arousal was getting the best of him squeezed his balls.

We had friends take us home from the airport and our daughter waiting up when we arrived home so the real fun had to put off even longer. As j closed up the house for the night I laid down on my stomach on our bed. j joined me, giving me a nice massage as I read through some emails. I took off my clothes and allowed him to kiss and caress my body before ordering him to lick my pussy. He kissed, licked and suckled on my labia and clitoris as my hips thrust up against his face. In no time at all I climaxed so loudly that I had him turn the television on lest anyone hear me.

After licking me a bit more he used his fingers on my pussy, pushing them in and out of me over and over, faster and faster. The feeling was sensational - almost as if I was separate from my body. As he was bent over my body I periodically stroked his now incredibly erect cock and toyed with his asshole. On and on he continued until I had an unbelievably strong orgasm. I decided that he had been teased enough for one night and ordered him to get on his back. I climbed on top of him and kissed all over his face while I rode his cock. Tasting my wetness each time I kissed his mouth turned me on even more. I teased him while I moved my hips around on his cock. I know he was concerned that I might not let him cum despite how aroused he was. Ultimately I had mercy on him and enjoyed his moans as he climaxed inside of me. I hope he enjoyed it as it will be the last orgasm he has for a while!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Amsterdamn, That's Hot!

This past year has involved extensive traveling throughout the world. Many cities throughout Europe are, not surprisingly, more sex-friendly but none as much as Amsterdam.

People in Amsterdam seem to have embraced their sexuality the same way that Germans have embraced beer. Prostitution is legal and in the Red Light District you can literally window show for your woman on of the evening. Swingers clubs, brothels and sex toy shops line the streets.

Amsterdam hosts the first and oldest Sex Museum not tucked in some back alley but rather right on a main thoroughfare. The theme of the museum is sensual love, something I quite enjoy! The sounds of a woman screaming in passion pervade the Marquis de Sade hall. The museum boasts over 500,000 visitors a year.

Amsterdam is also headquarters of the World Museum of Erotic Art, an online erotic art collection. The contemporary and historical erotic art ranges from mild to off the charts wild! I am familiar with some of the artists but many are new to me.

Although I was not able to explore these things as I would have liked I was able to visit some toy shops throughout Europe. They are a far cry from your traditional sex toy shop in the States. BDSM accoutrements are not relegated to some dusty corner but instead are often the main event! Many of the stores are fully stocked with all sorts of BDSM paraphernalia. They lean more towards Eros Boutique in Boston or the oft mourned D/s Toychest in Meriden. The shopkeepers are often quite knowledgeable and proud of their products.

In addition to all the sexiness Amsterdam also has some incredible art museums, breathtaking architecture and a totally nifty canal system. I am looking forward to visiting Amsterdam again in the future when I can take my time to see ALL the sights.

Back and Better Than Ever

My eyes close and the images come to me... j riding My strap-on, the expression on his face as he sees Me kiss another man, his crimson ass after a punishment, piles of toys and rope on the floor after a night of passion. Even after months of a D/s hiatus these scenes flash back as if they were just last night. The more I reflect upon them the greater the desire to have these things back in My life.

The past year has been jam-packed with major life changes for us. They have all been positive, wonderful things but have sucked up much of our energy. We had a couple months where even vanilla sex was virtually non-existent. At the end of the day we simply did not have any energy left. Slowly things settled down and the level of intimacy began to increase. My mind began to turn towards Dominance and submission.

Just opening the door to those thoughts is enough to get my mind racing and my body craving his submission. And I will have it. Soon he will be begging for my touch and moaning with desire. Soon he will be between my legs, fulfilling My needs with no thoughts of his own. Soon I will penetrate him with my strap-on and hear him cry out as I take him. Soon he will beg for mercy knowing it will not come. Soon.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not Your Typical Foreplay!

I love a good spanking, but sometimes it is more fun to punish and torment j in more creative ways. Several days ago he requested to use my electric razor because he forgot to buy shaving cream. I allowed him to use it, but made a mental note to take advantage of the situation later.

I walked into the bedroom to find j facing his dresser, sorting out some clothes. I came up behind him, reached around and hit him in the balls. He yelped in a combination of shock and pain. I hit him again and then pushed him backwards onto the bed. Climbing on top of his body, I kissed him passionately, pressing my knee firmly up against his groin as I gently bit his bottom lip. A few minutes of passionate kissing left us both aroused and wanting more.

"Your face is a mess," I admonished him. "My razor is not a good substitute. I can't have you going around looking like this." I reached for the tweezers I left on the bedside table and began pinching them near his face, teasing him. One by one, I used the tweezers to yank the hairs out of his face. Sometimes he just flinched a bit, but other times he yelped and rubbed his face. After tackling stray whiskers, I thinned out his eyebrows.

As I continued to torture him, I felt myself becoming more aroused and knew I needed to take him. I ordered him to undress, quickly removed my pants and, still wearing my shirt, rode him. I grabbed onto the headboard to give myself extra leverage and rode him hard and fast, forcing him deeper into my body. As turned on as I was from teasing him, it didn't take long for me to climax. And, feeling generous, I let him cum as well. What a lucky boy he is!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Domme On Top Is The Best!

j and I have a history of trying all sorts of different sexual positions. There are times we will have sex porno-style, changing positions often, but it seems no matter how we may start I always end up on top. Appropriate, I know!

My favorite position is me squatting on top of j as he lays on his back. Sometimes I have him tied to the bedposts, and other times I allow him to be free. I like that I can tease him- ever so slowly lowering myself down until I am just barely touching his cock before lifting up again. This gives me a far greater level of control. I can ride him hard and fast and then lift up completely, or I can take my time, giggling as he humps the air desperate for my touch. This position allows me to use my hands as well, rubbing and tapping my clit. The position requires strong leg muscles, as the thighs do all the work. Essentially I get my workout with an orgasm!

Sometimes I prefer to ride him in the standard fashion. This position is great because it allows for more intimacy. Our bodies are close, and I can grind my pelvis around. I like to press my clit up against his pubic bone as I grind my hips from side to side. I can lean forward and bite his nipples (I so love hearing him help), or lean backward and rub myself.

On occasion I like sitting on j's lap and riding him in that manner. It ends up as more of a rocking motion, and the stimulation is not as intense for either of us. Still, we are physically very close. With his arms wrapped around me, I like to lean over and talk dirty to him, telling him how lucky he is to have such a wonderful Domme that allows his cock inside her. And you know what? It's true!